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About Darren Hamblett

Hi and welcome to my Consultancy. I started this Consultancy to fill in a gap for companies who needed IT Support but didn’t want to take out a long support contract. I have been in IT Support for over 25 Years and worked for Companies such as Fujitsu, BT, AT&T, M.O.D, Lloyds TSB, Grant Rail, Bright Finance. Throughout my Career I have continually developed my skills with the ever changing skills from Windows NT to Windows 2019.

I am both a Windows and Linux Administrator, dealing with such systems as Exchange email server to Plesk and Cpanel Hosting Servers. Through my Career I have travelled the world supporting clients large and small. I now run two companies side by side, Hamblett Consultancy and Enlightened IT Services. Enlightened is a Fully Managed Support Company for clients who want to have their computer systems fully supported on a monthly basis.

Please read through my services I offer and if you think I can help your business please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your requirements

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