Server Support when your Company Needs it.

What and Who is Hamblett Consultancy

Hamblett Consultancy

Hamblett Consultancy supplies IT Support when your company needs it the most.

Hamblett Consultancy is owned by Darren Hamblett a Security and Support Specialist with over 20 Years Experience in IT Support. Due to Hamblett Consulting Supporting Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux based Environments, you can leverage your IT Support using one company instead of 3 to cover all your support needs.

Hamblett Consultancy sits in the gap between having no IT Support and Fully Managed IT Support for your business. Hamblett Consultancy provides Ad-Hoc and short term IT Support. Hamblett Consultancy works with any size business and from any sector.

If you decide you want to go for a Support Contract, Then this would be handed over to Enlightened IT Services Limited.

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Why use HC

Hamblett Consultancy can manage both Windows and Linux based server systems.
With Over 20 Years in IT Support, Hamblett Consultancy uses practical Experience as well as Qualifiactions.
Every Server HC works on is eligable to be added to our monitoring system.
All server support tasks are fully documented including faults found and fixes applied.