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Amazon AWS Services

Amazon AWS Services

Amazon AWS Services

When it comes to hosting your WordPress website, you need a reliable and secure solution. At Hamblett Consultancy, we offer Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Amazon AWS. Our hosting services combine the power of AWS with our expertise in managing WordPress environments, providing you with a seamless and worry-free hosting experience.

Our Managed WordPress Hosting supports both Windows and Linux servers, giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer the familiarity of Windows or the versatility of Linux, we have you covered.

With our Managed WordPress Hosting, you can leave the technical aspects to us and focus on growing your business. We handle all the essential tasks, including server setup, optimization, security, and regular maintenance. This ensures that your WordPress site is always running smoothly and efficiently, delivering a great user experience to your visitors.

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Amazon AWS provides robust security measures that can help protect both Windows and Linux servers. With AWS, you have access to a wide range of security features and services designed to safeguard your server infrastructure.

For Windows servers, AWS offers features such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), which allows you to manage user access and permissions effectively. You can also leverage AWS Directory Service to integrate your Windows servers with existing Active Directory environments, ensuring seamless authentication and centralized user management.

AWS provides numerous security options for Linux servers as well. You can utilize AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to your Linux instances and resources. Additionally, AWS offers tools like AWS Systems Manager, which helps automate administrative tasks and enforce desired configurations on your Linux servers, enhancing their security posture.

Furthermore, AWS provides comprehensive network security options. You can implement Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to create isolated network environments for your servers, tightly controlling inbound and outbound traffic. AWS Security Groups enable you to define granular firewall rules, allowing only authorized traffic to reach your servers.

AWS also offers a range of monitoring and logging services. With Amazon CloudWatch, you can monitor server metrics, set alarms, and gain insights into the performance of your Windows and Linux servers. AWS CloudTrail provides detailed audit logs, allowing you to track user activity and detect any potential security issues.

Additionally, AWS provides managed security services such as AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) and AWS Shield, which help protect your servers from common web attacks and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, respectively.

By leveraging Amazon AWS for your Windows and Linux servers, you can benefit from a highly secure and reliable infrastructure. AWS’s extensive security features, coupled with their robust global infrastructure, enable you to build and maintain a secure server environment, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical business data and applications.

Amazon AWS

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Our partnerships with our Suppliers are just as important as our partnerships with our clients. We aim to give our clients the best that there is to offer and to do this we need to partner with the best in their industry. All our partners are tried and tested and have and will be here for a long time to come. They say practice what you preach and that is exactly what Hamblett Consultancy does. We don’t sell any service; we don’t use it ourselves. Every service we deliver is used within our business to that we know the service works and is the correct fit for your business.

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