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Windows 7 End of Life
December 29, 2019

Now you haved probably had every IT Company under the sun mention that the opertaing system Microsoft Windows 7 will become End of Life at the end of January 2020. You may be thinking ok its end of life but it still is working fine, however Windows 7 turning EOL is only the beginning. After the end of January, Companies will stop updating their software to work with Windows 7 including Anti Virus Software, Malware Software, Browsers (Chrome,...

Upgrade to a SSD Drive Today
November 12, 2019

Upgrading your computer to a SSD Drive is the best upgrade for the money you can do to any computer. It will speed up the computer 10x due to direct access to the data and not waiting for the heads to read the disk. For many years both laptops and desktops have come with a mechical drive with moving parts inside it. Due to the parts moving when switched on, knocking or moving the computer could cause damage to the Hard Drive (Storage) unit. This...

Importing eml files to Office 365
September 7, 2019

Some years ago Microsoft released Live mail. A light weight mail client available via the essentials update. Years later companies are still using the Windows Live Mail dispite unable to download the software anymore and no updates available.  The Problem The problem with Live Mail is it didnt export it's mail very well so migrating it into anything else is quite difficult but not impossible.  Saving Grace  Luckily for people who want...

Malicious code in a Wordpress Website
June 23, 2019

Not all compromised Wordpress Websites are attacked the same way. Today was just one of those times. Normally you would find the malicious code in the .htaccess, index.php, header.php or footer.php. However people are getting smarter and smarter and are hiding code in places like style.css. Today I found a different type of compromised website, the code was inserted into the database, so normal scans using plugins such as Wordfence etc would not...