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Over time your computer will start to run slower than it was when you first bought it. Most people put it down to the number of files that are on the Hard Drive, Yes that can slowHDD Platters down the search of the files due to file indexing, however the main cause of slow down is the Hard Drive itself.


Up until recently all computers had mechanical drives fitted inside them. These drives used multiple disk platters one above each other. Each platter is like a record on a record plater. These platters are  spun at speed with a head that reads the data from them at speed. The more data that is on the drive the more time it takes to search for the data unless it is put in some kind of order.


The more common reason is that the Hard Drive has errors on the disk platters very much like a scratched record on a record player. When the Hard Disk has errors on it, it takes the head longer to read the data which causes the slow down of the whole computer.


The best performance upgrade for your computer is to replace the hard drive with a SSD (Solid State Drive). These types of drives have no moving parts so no heads or platters to damage which makes them a lot more durable for use in laptops. The technology used is very similar to how usb drives work.



Hamblett Consultancy – Hard Drive to SSD Replacement Service


This service is available to both Businesses and Residential customers within the Yorkshire area and can also be done both onsite or offsite depending what you require. This service includes:


  • Back up your data from the faulty / slow drive
  • Replace the current hard drive to an Ortial SSD
  • Install Windows 10 including latest updates
  • Transfer all your data back to your computer

** Programs can not be backed up and you will need re-installing afterwards **




256GB SSD                          £120      – Comes with a 12 Months Warranty

512GB SSD                          £140       – Comes with a 12 Months Warranty

1TB SSD                               £180       – Comes with a 12 Months Warranty


To book this service or for more information please Contact Me.

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