International Women's Day

Stats For Women In Tech For International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is a great time to recognise the progress made in the representation of women in technology firms. A recent report from India highlighted that women represent only 25% of the total employees in the country’s technology sector, which is below the global average for gender equality. In addition, a report from computer science services companies found that only 23% of their employees were female, according to previous interviews conducted last month. Overall, these reports show that there is still work to be done to increase women’s representation in the sector and promote gender equality within technology firms. By focusing on this issue and continuing to raise awareness of its importance, we can help ensure everyone has an equal opportunity for success.


International Women’s Day is the perfect time to take a look at the stats for women in tech. In many tech industry sectors, women are still lagging far behind men in terms of representation. For example, only 22% of computer science and biological science degrees are held by women; engineering degrees fare slightly better with 29%. Even for statistics degrees, which have seen tremendous job growth since the 2000s, the percentage of degree holders who are female hovers around 25%. The same is true of physical sciences degrees. The bottom line: women represent a small percentage of STEM fields.

On International Women’s Day, TeamLease Digital gathered some remarkable tech statistics to help raise awareness of the issue. According to their research, only 18% of all tech roles are occupied by women and that number is even lower in engineering-related industries. To address this imbalance, TeamLease has launched a consultancy service to promote gender diversity in the tech workforce and help candidates grow their professional network. Through this new initiative, they aim to hire more talented women into business-head level positions within technology companies.


International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to discuss the current lack of diversity in the tech industry. With many more job paths and tech career opportunities available, it is essential to encourage women to pursue these career paths. Studies have shown that having a diverse workforce can greatly improve an organization’s ability to innovate and succeed. The tech sector is one of the most rewarding areas in which to work, but women are often discouraged from pursuing this choice due to current lack of representation and support within the sector.


However, International Women’s Day is a great time to celebrate the incredible female tech leaders that have broken new ground in technology and paved the way for more women to enter the industry. Some of the most famous women in tech include computer scientist Grace Hopper, who developed an early compiler for a programming language; and Ada Lovelace, who is often credited as being one of the first computer programmers. With their pioneering work and trailblazing success stories, these remarkable women have encouraged many more students to pursue technology studies and aim for careers in the industry.


Happy International Women’s Day from everyone at Hamblett Consultancy!

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