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IT Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement -as-a-Service relies on technology to perform the research and sourcing, tracking of purchases and payments, and managing tri-party matching, so that you are only paying for what you are getting, and you are getting what you are supposed to get, when you are supposed to be getting it. Sourcing in procurement allows for sourcing, and helps to make sure the necessary goods and services are available for a business. Sourcing in procurement is a process that evaluates, selects, and manages suppliers in order to procure desired goods and services from them.

Companies using our expert procurement services providers benefit from broad scope, lower costs of goods and services, improved costs, the latest in purchasing technologies, and more. The tasks performed by the expert procurement service providers include strategic planning, vendor rationalization, vendor cooperation, implementation of best practices, strategic negotiations, and procurement. Our Procurement consultants offer expert knowledge about how to handle various aspects of procurement processes, from source goods and services, contract management, and even the best way to utilize technology.

Since procurement involves purchasing and supply chain management, consisting of the procurement and management of primary flows, and also the more complicated purchasing procedures, that requires extensive networks of connections and contacts. We have a team of experts who leverage proper purchasing processes to make sure that you are getting the best purchasing services for your business. Our acquisition experts help organisations with high assets mitigate procurement risks, reducing chances of supply chain disruptions, as well as helping companies to more efficiently manage supply chain processes. We offer consulting and supply chain solutions that can help mitigate supply risks and increase the efficiency of purchasing.

An experienced sourcing services provider can quickly and accurately analyse an organizations total spending and make the required changes, deliver critical supply chain management solutions, negotiate with suppliers, and leverage best practices from across the industry. The scope of sourcing risk mitigation services is broad, and may involve everything from supply chain management, contract negotiations, supplier selection, vendor evaluation and evaluation, supplier management, strategic procurement, and vendor compliance. Procurement services providers may specialize in sect-oral areas, and can offer areas of expertise like providing electronic purchasing hosting and management services, and supplier management, supplier risk assessments, and contract drafting.

Initial fact finding meeting to discuss your individual requirements
Quick chat with our Technical Consultant (If required)
Source the relevant IT products / Services based on your requirements
Present you with some options to meet your criteria
If option meets your needs, Invoice raised, if it doesn’t meet your needs, we source more options
Invoice paid
Goods delivered (configured if required)







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