IT Support Packages

In the world of IT Support it is an every changing landscape. Trends and IT Threats are ever changing and should be in the forefront of every MSP’s mind.  Since Covid-19 the world shifted they way it worked which changed the dynamics when it came to supporting businesses IT Networks. It is no longer a case of going to an office and physically working on equipment, These days the equipment could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. We live in an age where technology can help connect staff together no matter where they physically reside.

WFH or Work Anywhere is now the new normal, yes some businesses have opened their doors and fully gone back to work, however most have opted for a choice option as to where they would like to work. Our company has a similar work ethic and the staff chooses where they would like to work from week to week. Communication is key when it comes to supporting businesses with staff that work where they feel most productive, whether at home, coffee shop or the park, what ever works for that person.

IT Support Services

To better support Businesses with their IT needs we have revised our IT Support packages to just three, that way we know what client has what and is easy to manage on both sides. These are Support All , Support Essentials, Support Ad-hoc. These three services can cover what ever type of support your business would need on a day to day business. Both our Support All and Support Essentials come with a standard set of features.

Features Include:

Hardware Monitoring

Monitoring your hardware is paramount for proactive support. Monitoring allows us to be 5 steps ahead of any hardware failure, whether this is hard disk failure, heat failure, slow downs, diskspace, memory issues. All these components are monitored and acted upon before disaster strikes.

Patch Management

Keeping your computer up to date with the latest updates will keep your computer running smoothly, Updates not only give you new features but also fixes security issues that had been found that could cause harm to the computer or business. Making sure you have these installed gives you piece of mind that they are getting done even if the staff work from a remote location. We can provide Patch Management for both Mac and Microsoft based Machines

End Point Security

The internet is a dangerous place and you don’t know what every website you go on is doing in the background. We provide Cloud based End Point Security  for each device to help protect the computer whilst on the internet. A Policy based system that remotely schedules file scans on-demand and manual on a weekly basis.


Support Ad-hoc

We offer one off support for clients that have very few issues or just starting up and don’t have the funding for a monthly support package. Ad-Hoc clients have opt for the Hardware Monitoring as we offer this for free to any business that wants peace of mind.

Support Essentials

This package is a remote only based support package. All support is done remotely and Technicians do not attend the site. This support package is available to businesses both in and out of the UK. Using our different shift pattern system we are able to cover clients in various time zones.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited remote support calls per month
  • Call or Ticket (Email) based support (Which ever is best for you)
  • Support Stats
  • Remote IT Director to fully manage your business IT Systems

Support All

As it says in the name this is our ultimate support package. It covers everything in the Support Essentials Package but also incorporates Unlimited monthly onsite visits. Onsite Visits include any address within UK and Ireland. Onsite Visits could be used for:

  • No Internet access
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • New Hardware Installation
  • Windows Re-installs
  • Computer Rollouts

We have a package that will support your business no matter how it is setup. Arrange a chat with one of our Staff to go through your requirements and see which option will fit your business the best. You will find out contact details on our Contact Us page.

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