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No matter what business you are in communication is key; we are no stranger to this ourselves. We know that if a client emails us and we reply, we want to know that our email hits your inbox with no issues. Time is money and calling a client to see if they received it or if it went into their spam or junk folders just takes up too much time.

Being a Microsoft Partner, Hamblett Consultancy can put that worry out of your mind. With a correctly configured Microsoft365 Tenancy all your emails will go directly into your clients’ inboxes. Selling the services, you require is just a very small part of what we can offer when it comes to Microsoft 365, Every company is different, and we tailor your license to meet your business requirements. Some users may need the full Microsoft 365 suite of software where other staff members just need access to the mailboxes on their phones. we can make sure you’re not paying for services you just are not using.

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Communication is key

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Moving to 365

Migrating your email system from your current non-365 providers to Microsoft 365 is an easy process and can be done quickly out of hours to minimise downtime. Over the hundreds of migrations, we have completed we have never lost 1 mail or document. The migration process is split into sections so there are no mistakes.

• Identify what a mailbox, shared mailbox, aliases and distribution group.
• Configure the domain.
• Create new mailboxes, shared mailboxes, aliases and distribution groups.
• Re-direct where the new mail goes to.
• Import old email into new mailboxes.
• Enable MFA on all accounts to secure access.

Moving to 365

Migrating email

Quickly and out of hours

Securing your Tenancy

Keeping your data safe and secure is not a one product does all. Where as Bit Defender protects the computer from malware, viruses and phishing websites; It is not the best solution for protecting your business from phishing and malicious emails as the threat would already be on your computer. Hamblett Consultancy has Partnered with Iron Scales, a worldwide Microsoft 365 email protection system with cloud AI to help identify email threats before they reach your mailbox. Each mail is scanned and assessed before it reaches your mailbox to check for malware, phishing characteristics; if any are noticed the email is quarantined and you are notified.

Phishing assessments for your staff to help protect your business is now common practice. Iron scales can send phishing simulation emails to your staff to gauge if they need some training or if they can see the threat and act accordingly.

Securing your Tenancy

Keeping your data safe


Microsoft 365 Backups

A big mistake businesses make is that everything is backed up with Microsoft 365. That is NOT the case at all; it is in fact the complete opposite. Microsoft does not offer any backup solutions for its Microsoft 365 products. To combat this, Hamblett Consultancy has Partnered with Drop Suite, one of the biggest backup solutions providers for Microsoft 365. Drop Suite backups everything relating to your tenancy (Mailboxes, One Drive, Share Point, Teams), giving you full peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure in case something is deleted or overwritten.

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Microsoft backups

Backup solutions

Peace of Mind

Email Signatures

Consistency is key when making an impression to a potential new client. For that, we have partnered up with Exclaimer, a company that provides Dynamic Email Signatures that changes depending on the information added about the user. No matter what the device, all your signatures will be uniform. Signatures can be department-specific or be different per user; the choice is yours.

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Email signatures

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Our partnerships with our Suppliers are just as important as our partnerships with our clients. We aim to give our clients the best that there is to offer and to do this we need to partner with the best in their industry. All our partners are tried and tested and have and will be here for a long time to come. They say practice what you preach and that is exactly what Hamblett Consultancy does. We don’t sell any service; we don’t use it ourselves. Every service we deliver is used within our business to that we know the service works and is the correct fit for your business.

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