Network Security

Having a computer network security assessment by an outside body helps you identify issues that may not have been apparent or you are just used to and have a work around.

Assessments can answer a variety of questions:

How is the network performing?
Is your data secure and safe?
Are the workstations secure?
Are the Workstation’s software up to date?
Is the data backed up?
Have you tested your backup solution?
User Access Rights?

These are just some of the questions the Assessment will answer and can be addressed if required.

Why do I need an Assessment?

With the ever increasing Cyber Threats and Data Loss cases in the news, combined with the new reformed Data Protection act (GDPR) now in effect, the time is now to audit your business and make sure all your data is secure from both external attacks and internal compromises.

You may have an idea something is just not right with your computer systems, The Assessment will reveal any issues that your network may contain.

What do I get at the end of the Assessment?

After the assessment a comprehensive report is given highlighting the findings and recommendations. The report will go into detail of issues discovered and how to fix the issues.


Full Assessment of IT Network – £400

Assessment includes full report with recommendations on any issues that may be found.

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