Work Details

  • Customer : Mortgage Company
  • Category : Web Design
  • Date : 01/02/2024
  • Status : completed
  • Tags : mortgage, web design

Work Details

Accelerating Digital Transformation: Our Urgent Website Update Project for a Mortgage Company in Ashford, Kent


In the dynamic world of digital business, staying current and compliant with evolving network criteria is essential. Hamblett Consultancy Limited has recently embarked on an urgent project to update the website of a prominent mortgage company based in Ashford, Kent. This project is pivotal in ensuring that our client’s digital presence aligns seamlessly with their new business network criteria.

Understanding the Client’s Urgent Needs

Our client, a leading mortgage company, faced the challenge of updating their website to meet specific business network criteria crucial for their operational efficiency and customer service excellence. Understanding the urgency and the specific requirements was our first step in this journey.

Tailoring the Approach

Our approach focused on rapid deployment and precision. We began with a comprehensive analysis of the existing website to identify areas requiring updates to meet the new business network criteria. Our team, adept in handling urgent IT situations, formulated a strategy to implement these updates with minimal disruption to the client’s daily operations.

Key Areas of Focus

The updates spanned several key areas:

  1. Security Enhancements: Ensuring the website meets the latest security standards, safeguarding customer data and transactions.
  2. Functionality Upgrades: Improving user experience (UX) and interface (UI) for better customer engagement and ease of use.
  3. Compliance with Network Criteria: Aligning the website’s operational capabilities with the new business network standards set by the client.
  4. Optimizing for Performance: Enhancing website speed and reliability to handle increased traffic and data processing demands.

The Process: Efficient and Effective

Our team worked round the clock, employing agile methodologies to ensure rapid development and deployment. Regular communication with the client was maintained to ensure transparency and alignment with their expectations and requirements.

Overcoming Challenges

The urgency of the project presented unique challenges, especially in balancing speed with quality. Our team’s expertise and commitment to excellence were key in overcoming these hurdles, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on the high standards we uphold.

Successful Implementation

The updated website was launched successfully, meeting the tight deadline set by our client. The new website not only complies with the necessary business network criteria but also offers an enhanced user experience, setting our client ahead in the competitive mortgage industry.


This project with the Ashford-based mortgage company exemplifies our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to urgent IT needs, delivering tailored solutions that drive business success. At Hamblett Consultancy Limited, we are committed to providing top-tier IT consultancy and support, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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