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Work Details

  • Customer : Business
  • Category : IT Security Policy
  • Date : 01/09/2023
  • Status : Completed
  • Tags : Security Policy

Work Details

IT Security Policy for a client in Horsforth

In the scenic locale of Horsforth, Leeds, a burgeoning company was on the cusp of establishing a partnership with a new supplier. Recognizing the paramount importance of IT security in this new venture, they reached out to Hamblett Consultancy Limited for specialized assistance. With a thorough understanding of both the industry’s requirements and the specific needs of the client, Hamblett Consultancy’s team meticulously crafted a comprehensive IT Security Policy. This wasn’t just a singular document; it came supplemented with a series of add-on policies, including a meticulously detailed asset register. This holistic approach ensured that the client was equipped with a robust framework, safeguarding their technological infrastructure and reinforcing trust with their new supplier.

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