Work Details

  • Customer : Expat Company
  • Category : webhosting
  • Date : 01/02/2024
  • Status : completed
  • Tags : web hosting, transfer

Work Details

Navigating Seamless Migration: Transitioning a Bespoke Web Application for Our Paris-Based Client


In the realm of web applications, the hosting environment plays a pivotal role in performance, security, and scalability. At Hamblett Consultancy Limited, we recently undertook a critical project for our Paris-based client, involving the migration of their bespoke web application from an outdated cPanel hosting server to a new, more robust platform. This transition was essential as the old server could not be upgraded to meet the evolving demands of the application.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Our client’s bespoke web application is a cornerstone of their digital operations, and any downtime or data loss during the migration could have significant repercussions. Our primary objective was to ensure a smooth, efficient, and secure transition to the new hosting environment.

Challenges in Migration

The migration presented several challenges:

  1. Data Integrity: Safeguarding the integrity and security of the data during the transfer process.
  2. Minimal Downtime: Ensuring that the application remains operational with minimal downtime.
  3. Compatibility: Addressing compatibility issues between the old and new hosting environments.

Strategic Migration Planning

Our approach was methodical and strategic. We initiated the project with a thorough assessment of the existing web application, understanding its architecture, dependencies, and specific hosting requirements.

Execution Phases

The migration was carried out in several key phases:

  1. Preparation and Backup: Comprehensive backup of the application and database to ensure data integrity.
  2. Environment Setup: Configuring the new hosting environment to align with the application’s requirements.
  3. Data Transfer: Securely transferring data from the old server to the new one, ensuring no data loss or corruption.
  4. Testing: Rigorous testing in the new environment to identify and resolve any compatibility or performance issues.
  5. Final Migration and Go-Live: Once satisfied with the testing phase, we proceeded with the final migration, closely monitoring the process to ensure a smooth transition.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

Our team, equipped with expertise in cPanel hosting and web application migrations, efficiently navigated through the technical complexities, ensuring a seamless transition. Regular communication with our client in Paris was maintained throughout the process, keeping them informed and involved.

Successful Implementation and Client Satisfaction

The migration was completed successfully, with the web application now hosted on a modern, scalable, and secure platform. Our client experienced minimal downtime and their bespoke application’s performance has significantly improved on the new server.


This successful migration for our Paris-based client demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. At Hamblett Consultancy Limited, we understand the importance of keeping digital assets up-to-date and secure, and we pride ourselves on providing expert services in web application hosting and migration.

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