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Cyber Awareness and Security

cyber awareness

Cyber Awareness and Security

Cyber Awareness and Security covers a multitude of services from Network and Computer Security through to Staff Awareness Training. The main problem Hamblett Consultancy faces when dealing with a business is a lack of correct knowledge. Many companies buy a product and think that they are fully protected against everything the internet can throw at them. That clearly is not the case, no product can fix your company 100%. It is a combination of both software and staff training that will protect your business from impending threats.

Hamblett Consultancy can provide your business a full Security Audit. The audit includes different aspects: Network Security, Data Security and Computer Security. The one part of the audit that is not included is Staff Awareness due to every member of staff will have different levels of understanding. A full audit can take one to two days depending on the size of the business. Once the audit has been completed a full report is generated with a complete list of recommendations / changes to secure the network and its data.

The last part of the Audit is the Cyber Awareness audit. From this an indication of what training maybe needed to your staff to help protect the business network and its data contents. This can be delivered as a training package or documentation handed out to your staff or a combination of both.

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