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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

IT Conultancy for SME Businesses Worldwide

Hamblett Consultancy can supply IT Consultancy to your business before or during a project or upgrade. A fresh external prospective on a situation / project has worked very well with every business I have worked with. A major change within an organisation can be problematic if not planned correctly.

A typical example of the type of Consultancy I undertake is Email System Migration.

When a company changes its current Email solution to a difference type there are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account. the type of interface (Web or Application), Migration Techniques, Downtime, Training. Any one of these can turn a successful migration in to an IT Nightmare. My roll would be to organise the migration in such a way that downtime is minimal if any at all and that the right solution meets the business requirements.

My IT Consultancy covers various areas of IT, they include the following areas:

Email Migrations, Server Installations and Upgrades, Network Installations and Upgrades, Cyber Security and Awareness, Network Security, Project Management, New Business Startups, Disaster Recovery, Security Audits, IT Purchases.

If there is a project that you are undertaking that I have not mentioned please get in contact and we can discuss your requirements.

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