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The Infamous “Hello World” Post

Hello World

Well I have just finished rebuilding the Hamblett Consultancy website and went to my news page and saw the very popular “Hello World” Post. That got me thinking about how many people have left the “Hello World” Post on their websites without knowing. If they didn’t know about that what else don’t they know is there or missing.

The one thing that people seem to forget is security. People think that it is someone else’s job and not their own, or they think it will never happen to them until it is too late. All WordPress based websites needs securing to protect them from hacks and malicious code injected into the website. I have been in IT Support for over 20 years and have been securing WordPress Websites for quite a while. Protecting them before they get compromised is a lot better for your business as you don’t want to be told by your customers that your website has been hacked.

I offer a WordPress Securing Service for your website which you can either contact me on here or via my profile on People Per Hour : https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/darren/it-support-and-security-specialist/15645

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