Upgrading your computer to a SSD Drive is the best upgrade for the money you can do to any computer. It will speed up the computer 10x due to direct access to the data and not waiting for the heads to read the disk.

For many years both laptops and desktops have come with a mechical drive with moving parts inside it. Due to the parts moving when switched on, knocking or moving the computer could cause damage to the Hard Drive (Storage) unit. This becomes a problem when using a laptop as they are designed to be portable.

Moving a laptop when switched on with a mecanical drive inside it could result in corrupt or data loss due to the design of them. Don’t worry there is an answer to this problem, You can replace the internal Hard Drive from a mechanical one to a SSD or Solid Sate Drive. A SSD has no moving parts, which means less power consumption, quicker access and more robust.

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