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Web Hosting

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WordPress is an amazing Free CMS (Content Management System) Framework in which you can build roughly any type of website your business would need. However, there is a but, due to its popularity the framework is targeted to attacks and breaches. Attacks and breaches can happen due to multiple factors; out of date software, wrongly configured web hosting, no security.

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Our Hosting Service


Unfortunately, there are a lot of hosting companies out there, that really shouldn’t be. They are either oversold reseller accounts making them really slow and unreliable, or someone has just setup a server and started to sell “Unlimited” webspace, with no idea what they are doing.
We decided to do something different than the norm. Instead of just putting a server online and hoping for the best, we built a hosting platform using AWS, cPanel and running LiteSpeed for accelerated caching.

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Different from the norm

AWS Platform

Website Protection


Running the platform behind an external firewall gives our hosting its first line of defence. Installing a Brute Force-enabled firewall on the platform is our second line of defence and using Cloudflare for dns is our 3rd line for ddos attacks.
Whilst this is all well and good, it won’t stop Malware injections, etc. Our Platform uses active scanning on all files that are loaded and accessed on the platform, so malware is detected as it is loaded onto the platform and before it has time to cause issues.

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Malware protection

Website Patch Management


As mentioned earlier, out of date software is a major contributor to websites being compromised. As part of our Managed service, we make sure that your website is always kept up to date with the latest versions of the framework and plugins. This will prevent any vulnerabilities from being exploited and compromising your website.

Patch Management

Out of date software

Prevent Vulnerabilities

Hosting Partners

Our partnerships with our Suppliers are just as important as our partnerships with our clients. We aim to give our clients the best that there is to offer and to do this we need to partner with the best in their industry. All our partners are tried and tested and have and will be here for a long time to come. They say practice what you preach and that is exactly what Hamblett Consultancy does. We don’t sell any service; we don’t use it ourselves. Every service we deliver is used within our business to that we know the service works and is the correct fit for your business.

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