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Why don’t you backup your data


One thing that does get to me is the sheer volume of companies that don’t have a backup of their. You would think in this digital age that backing up your information would be as common as a mobile phone. But come to think of it why would it, nobody seems to back their mobile phones these days, even though they subject them to direct sunlight, walls, floors and water and then when it is dripping wet, bent and no screen attached do they come to you and say it has photos on that need recovering.

Businesses are just the same, just because there systems are working fine, they seem to think they don’t need a backup system in place and its a waste of money. However when the system goes down and the shit hits the fan, then who is left to pick up the mess, Yep you guessed it the IT Guy employed to pull a rabbit out of his ass and recover the data from what looks like a re-entry panel from the space shuttle after re-entry.

All this just to save the company a few pounds per month, which could now cost them the company if the data can’t be recovered. Don’t wait until it happens to you or think it will never happen to you. No matter how much your new shiny server cost does not mean it won’t break down. Everything has a shelf life and servers especially do.


Backups don’t cost the earth, but they are a lot less than a data recovery company trying to recover your data from a block of cheese.


Contact me today and we can go through some options (Don’t worry you may have a backup solution that you just don’t know about).



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