Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7

Now you haved probably had every IT Company under the sun mention that the opertaing system Microsoft Windows 7 will become End of Life at the end of January 2020. You may be thinking ok its end of life but it still is working fine, however Windows 7 turning EOL is only the beginning.

After the end of January, Companies will stop updating their software to work with Windows 7 including Anti Virus Software, Malware Software, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox) etc. Shortly after that banks will prevent you from logging into their systems to rpotect themselves from potential issues from an un-protected system.

One thing you may not think of is if you hold Customer identifiable data (Name, email address, telephone numer, etc) then you will be in breach of the GDPR as you are required to do all known means to protect the data and running an out of date system is not doing all you can to protect it. Whether it is 100 records or 1,000,000 customer records, it can on a spreadsheet, an accounts system such as Sage etc, any software that holds data of your customers on your computer is put at a higher risk than you running a Windows 10 system.

There is nothing stopping you apart from cost, however having a breach will cost you 1000x more than having your system upgraded and show to your customers you value their information.

Need some more information or have your computer(s) upgraded to Windows 10 contact me.

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